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Consultancy & Advice

Your Journey

When you don’t have the support of an internal R&D team, or the budget of an existing company, knowing how to develop your idea into a commercial product and secure the funding, protection and distribution to take it to market can be difficult. We’re here to help you assess the feasibility of your idea and take it as far as possible.

Our Guarantee

Working with us gives you access to experienced product designers who will help you develop your idea, test whether it’s feasible, select the best materials, resolve technical issues and assess future manufacturing methods.

This process will help you get the buy in you need from investors and manufacturers to take your product to market.

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Consultancy at John Lawton Electronics

Like your idea, each product design is individual. Depending on the type, size and complexity of your product it will take a different amount of time to develop. We can quickly assess your brief and produce a proposal.

Cost and funding

Your initial consultation is free. If you’d like us to develop a proposal and move forward with your idea we’ll produce a quote for you. We can also help you assess the overall costs of developing your product and how you can fund your idea.