John Lawton Electronics.

Custom New Product Design

Product design at John Lawton Electronics

We have the skills, creativity, experience and problem solving intelligence to deliver product design solutions that are innovative, commercial, practical and successful.

Our guarantee

John Lawton Electronics designs products with a high degree of functionality, using innovative designs so that your product can be produced and available to your chosen market quickly and economically. We take great pride in what we do and enjoy the challenge of creating a tangible product from someone else’s idea.

Product Design Experience

Our product realisation team comprises some of the most talented product designers with experience in design engineering as well as mechanical engineering. This allows us to incorporate a high degree of functionality into our product designs, without compromising on the form. We are committed to achieving the best possible commercial results for our clients and this remains at the heart of everything we do.

Design for Production

Even from the outset of our product design process we will assess the commercial feasibility of your product by reviewing the commercial context and competition. Using this knowledge, coupled with our many years of experience, we will seek to develop a design for production.